About BMJP

Bangladesh Minority Janata Party has been formed in order to abolish classical disparity of religious minority community of Bangladesh and to establish social, religious, economic and political rights of all religious community and professional people having motivated in a fate of self consciousness of liberation movement. To establish equal rights of the citizens deprived from facilities residing in the territory of Bangladesh, to integrate the independence of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, to elevate integrity and sovereignty of the state and to establish and protect constitutional rights of the people.

Through reaction of public opinion against all disparities and having elevated the spirit of the liberation movement of the year 1971 there is to operate social conscious activities with self dedication of the country and nation is the aims and objectives of this party.


The pledge of Bangladesh Minority Janata Party shall be – to disseminate political values and spirits among the public with a view to forming non-communal and democratic social norms in independent Bangladesh having elevated the consciousness of great liberation movement.

  • To excite all on political inspiration keeping with section of happy social development and discriminatory.

  • To establish social development through protection of independence.

  • To create consciousness on secularism from child class.

  • To develop language, literature, culture and tradition in the light of contemporary political research.


Assertiveness on democracy, secularism alongside freedom of all religions, establishment of non-communal political spirit and socialism so called absorption free society and social fair justice shall be the basic principles of Bangladesh Minority Janata Party.

Basic Philosophy:

Integrity of humanism shall be the basic philosophy of this party.

Party Introduction:

  1. The Name of the Party: Bangladesh Minority Janata Party.

  2. The Brief Name of the Party: BMJP.

  3. Slogan: Joy to win the humanity.

  4. Party Music: Bashundhara is full of money in our treasure.

  5. Flag of the Party: Rising sun of the morning inside the white text are with measurement of 5/3”

  6. Election symbol of the Party: Goose

  7. Central Office of the Party: The central office shall be established in Dhaka.

  8. Seal of the Party: Round seal shall be the Bangladesh Minority Janata Party in writing.

  9. E-mail: bmjp2017@gmail.com

  10. Website: www.bmjp.org

Operational Area and Branch of the Party:

Whole areas of Bangladesh shall be regarded as organizational area of Bangladesh Minority Janata Party.

The branch of the party shall be extended at cities, districts, upazillas, thanas and union wards. The central committee shall appear the district committees, the district committees shall appear upazillas/thana committees, upazilla/thana committees shall appear union committees. But in every step there shall have approval of the central committee. It is mentioned that the Bangladeshi residing in foreign countries can be enrolled under this party.

In that case, the original committee of that country shall be regarded as status of the district committee and there shall be cast in the same mould. The branch committees shall be cast in the same mould of upazilla committees and there shall be equi potential. Each committee shall have its own office/branch.

Specific activities of the Party:

  1. Bangladesh Minority Janata Party cherishes profound confidence and loyalty towards the constitution composed by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

  2. To ascertain and to establish all sorts of constituted of parts of state power along with political, economical, religious and social rights of the deprived people residing in Bangladesh.

  3. To ascertain equal participation at all levels of administrative and political spheres.

  4. To render services for the sake of them through organizing the society less than one rule of the society.

  5. To restore all kinds of losing antiques and antiquities, occupied religious institution, places of worship and devotees property in protecting old heritage of the society on the basis of dedication.

  6. To protest anti-social activities.

  7. To create environment on religious irrespective of caste with all.

  8. To strive for unity of social and inter religion and to solve the problematic issues having marked religion and social problems.

  9. To have executive steps in protecting historical and religious relies and antiquities.

  10. To have steps for bringing back to previous way of religious strangers and also for rehabilitation through abolition of social disease dowry system.

  11. To generate different activities for development of human resources of the party.

  12. To carry pioneer role in any crisis of the country.

Eligibility for having membership of the Party:

  1. They will be eligible for having membership of the party who are dedicated, honest, active, patience, endurance, mental tendency for helping economically and corporally in building society in coverage of developmental concerns.

  2. The applicant for having membership should be at least 18 (eighteen) years of old and he/she shall have to be permanent citizen of Bangladesh.

  3. The person shall be disqualified for having membership of the party who is lunatic, bankrupt, mental perverted, criminal, branded, involved in anti-social activities or religious or any instigator and undesired person declared by the government.

  4. There shall have to apply for having primary membership of the party on prescribed application form ascertained by the central executive committee with detail necessary information with registration fee of taka 100/= (one hundred) only.

  5. There shall have to pay off monthly subscription ascertained by the central committee.

  6. There shall have to remain faithful to constitution, manifesto and programs of the party.

  7. There shall have to be obliged to have responsibility for implementation of any decision of the party and also to carry out command and directions.